Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Beginning

Well.. I decided to start a blog so that my family and friends can keep track of what I'm up to; plus I love to blog :). Here I can rant and rant, oppose to using Facebook. I rather just have that to keep in touch with people... here you'll get to see my most inner thoughts- maybe if you're lucky.

Well I made it to summer after finishing my first year of college! I absolutely loved it and am surprised at how well I did. All A's and B's! This past year has been extremely stressful with breaking up with my boyfriend of two years. Break ups are so extremely hard, and can mentally drain you. We still keep in touch and are trying to work on a friendship; we'll see how that goes. At the same time I started some pretty intense therapy (sheepishly). I have worked on my childhood, some traumatizing stuff that happened in high school, my parents divorce, and placing my son up for adoption. Talk about mentally draining! I'm just happy I survived through all of it... barely; but I wake up every morning breathing, so I know I'll be ok.

I have been so lucky to have amazing support from amazing women I have come to meet in the past two years from an online support group for birth mothers. Not only have they been my support for my struggles with placing my son up for adoption, but have been there for everything else. I love these women! I also had support from my three best friends; Krystle, Jenna, and Andrea. I'm so lucky to be able to call these three girls my besties! I have known Krystle since kindergarten; we met on the school bus. I don't know if I asked or if she did, but it was the question, "Want to be bestfriends?" that started our strong friendship. We've gone from being dancers, to the spice girls, to the love interest of the backstreet boys, to the girls who were picked on, to a cheerleader and b-ball player, then to a future school teacher and doctor; who knows who or what we'll be next?

I've known Jenna since the summer before our freshman year. I was having one of my out of control hyper moments during a summer basketball practice... if I remember correctly I think I freaked Jenna out, but we've been best friends ever since! I remember when we first got our licence we drove around all over Fruitland wasting gas rocking out to Trapt. I absolutely love this girl. She is such an amazing-smart women, a great mother, and a great friend.

Andrea.. oh Andrea.. we met in daycare at the age of 6, we were in Judo together, we worked together in high school, and I always manage to piss her parents off one way or another EVEN when I wasn't the one doing anything BAD (like Andrea). I swear we both have the same lives... something happens to her, it'll later happen to me or vise versa! I love this girl to death! We'll be the two old ladies that live in a mansion with a ton of cats, but our house won't smell like piss or cat food... no worries. And I can't forget about the ladies I work with... Cathy and Sharmelle... Sharmelle knows all the dirt, and Cathy has been like a mother to me; love them! Wow... I so didn't mean to do any shout outs..

I feel like, in a sense, that I have a second chance at life; even though I haven't had a near death experience. I just feel more alive than ever. I don't believe I have ever felt this way. Instead of laying in bed I get up bright and early, go work out, eat healthy, and try my best to hang out with friends. I'm definitely working on smiling more. Surprisingly enough it actually helps my mood, haha. No wallowing in self-pity for me... It's a waste of time.

Since my new change of attitude I have had some pretty amazing opportunities cross my path. I got a new job as an Operating Room Assistant at the hospital I have been working for, for almost three years! I'm so ecstatic! It's exactly where I want to be! THEN, I get an email from the staff that handles all the education stuff at the hospital saying that I have been accepted into the reimburrsment program! I'll be getting 60% of my tution for each semester covered as long as I keep a 3.0 GPA!! I've been on cloud 9 since! Things are definitely starting to look up for me.

Well, that is it for now... I'm going to try my hardest to keep this blog going, but I'm not making any promises :).

Signing off... Anna

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